AH Series :

Diaphragm Type Metering Pump

Feature :

Motor driven diaphragm metering pump, high discharge accuracy. Available in various connection type including, Flange, Hose, Union. PVC, SUS, PVDF pump casing. EPDM diaphragm head with Teflon® coated, Ceramic and Stainless steel ball valve. Equipped with class F motor, IP 55 for outdoor application.

Application :

Chemical Metering and Dosing (pH control), Waste water treatment plants, Water processing plants, Chemical plants, Paper manufacturing plants, Food processing plants, Mining/Iron plants.

Diaphragm dia : Ø42 – Ø234 mm
Stroke length : 2 ~ 20 mm
Stroke speed : 48 – 96 spm
Flow rate : Up to 45 l/min
Pressure : Up to 1.0 Mpa
Power : Up to 1.5 kw, 380 V, 50Hz
Connection : Flange, Union, Hose