TS Series :

Multistage Centrifugal Pump

Features : Multistage design provides steady, quiet and vibration-free
operation for years of trouble-free service. Close coupled, space saving
design provides easy installation. All parts in contact with water are made
from corrosion resistant materials. The motor has a built-in thermal overload
to protect against high operating temperatures and over current

Application : The TS are multistage centrifugal pump suitable for pressure
boosting applications such as increasing water pressure from city mains
or private water systems. They are also suitable for other applications
such as : Water circulation / Liquid transfer / Irrigation systems / Lawn
sprinkle systems / Washing systems / General purpose pumping.

Model : TS400, TS800, TS1500, TS2200
DN : 25 ~ 50 mm
Flow rate : Up to 250 l/min
Head : Up to 34 m
Power : 0.18 – 3.7 kw
Temp : < 40 ÂșC