TQCN Series :

Hot Water Pump

Features : The TQCN is a complete, all-in-one unit, consisting of pump,
motor, pressure tank and electronic controller. The built-in electronic
controller provides constant pressure which ensure that the pump starts
automatically. The TQCN is a constructed from the top quality corrosion
resistant materials. The motor has built-in thermal overload to protect against
high operating temperatures and over current.

Application : This TQCN series are designed for hot water supply
(up to + 90 ºC) and pressure boosting in residential and commercial
applications. They are suitable for solar energy hot water system or other
types of hot water systems.

Model : TQCN200, TQCN400, TQCN800, TQCN1500, TQCN2200
DN : 25 ~ 50 mm
Flow rate : Up to 250 l/min
Head : Up to 34 m
Power : 0.18 – 2.2 kw
Temp : Up to 90 ºC