SAR Series :

Surface Aerator

Features :

The GSD surface aerator (SAR) is wastewater equipment utilize the direct drive axial flow type impeller in order to pump waste water for creating the spray pattern (or water drop) through the water guide panel which will contact with the air then fall to the water surface and form the turbulence and bubbles, thus improve oxygen dispersion and increase oxygen in water as well as creates a circulation flows and stir processes underneath.

Application :

It’s the wastewater equipment suitable for domestic waste water treatment, Agriculture and aquaculture oxygen supply and other industrial waste water aeration.

O2 Transfer : 3 ~ 95 kg O2/hr
Power : 1.5 ~ 75 kw
Depth : 2 ~ 6 m
Material : FRPP, Cast Iron, SUS304
Temp : < 40 ºC