NGT Series :

Turbo Blower

Features :
The most cost effective technology for energy saving.
– Optimally integrated core technologies for air foil bearings, motors, impellers, etc. provides stability
and reliability for operation.
– Optimized motor speed control technology using inverter(VFD) makes it possible to minimize energy
consumption and maximize customer’s productivity.
Providing all-in-one packages.
– Realizes single unit package integrating all functions such as PLC, VFD, etc.
– State-of-the-art customized design provides power and time saving effects without auxiliaries.
Keep working environment with your peace of mind.
– 100% oil less operation makes turbo blowers free from productivity loss and maintenance expense due
to oil permeation.
– Provides comfortable operation with low vibration and noise less than 80dBA, not requiring additional
foundation work.

Application : Use for aeration and agitation of waste water and sewage
treatment plant. Air supply for conveying powder, plastic resins, cements

Air-Flow : 3.5 ~ 324 m³/min
Pressure : Up to 10000 mmAq (1.0 kg/cm2)
Speed : Up to 28,000 rpm
Power : Up to 375 kw
Motor : Induction & PMSM