LRB 40 Series :

Compact Low Pressure Three-Lobe Roots Blower

Features : A compact design and manufacture to reduce the noise,
vibration. for high environment temperature working condition,
design oil lubrication for driven gear and bearings ; Shaft seal design by
double oil seal, v-ring and piston ring to guarantee completely oil-free air.

Application : Use for aeration and agitation of waste water and sewage
treatment plant. Air supply for conveying powder, plastic resins, cements
etc. Teflon coating lobes and equipped mechanical seal type should be used
for bio-mass gas transfer applications.

DN : 40 mm
Air-Flow : 0.30 ~ 1.02 m³/min
Pressure : Up to 6000 mmAq (0.6 kg/cm2)
Power : Up to 2.2 kw
Material : Cast iron