HF Series :

Rake type Bar Screen

Features :

The built-in cleaning device can clean the board surface, effectively prevent the blockage of holes, and obviously extend the maintenance cycle of the board surface;

The rake teeth is made of reinforced stainless steel plate, which has the advantages of good rigidity, wear resistance and corrosion resistance and long service life;

The reducer adopts the world famous brand, which has high transmission efficiency with stable and reliable operation;

The drive motor adopts the world famous brand, with IP55 protection and class F insulation;

The two sides of the machine are provided with mounting support, which is connected with the foundation by installing channel steel, which can be lifted out of the water for maintenance without interruption;

The bearing underwater is a special sliding bearing made of oil -containing nylon material. The bearing has good water resistance, corrosion resistance and wear resistance. It can be lubricated automatically in water without lubricating oil.

The machine can run intermittently or continuously 24 hours a day, and it can work continuously and stably without any supervision;

With mechanical and electrical overload protection function, safety bolts are provided in the fixed assembly of the drive shaft, which can cut off the power output in the case of overload to prevent the equipment from overload work and being damaged. The electrical protection measures effectively protect the motor from being damaged.


Application :

It is widely used in the water inlet channel of municipal sewage treatment plant, waterworks pump station and power plant. It can also be used in textile, printing, dyeing, slaughtering, leather making, paper making, sugar making, wine making and food processing.