GHS Series :

End Suction Centrifugal Pump

Features : Single stage, single suction horizontal installation type centrifugal
end-suction pump, back pull-out designed. Designed and manufactured to
DIN 24255 Standard. Oil or grease lubricated for bearing, mechanical or
gland packing seal.

Application : For used to convey clean water and the liquid with
chemical and physical properties similar to water. It may be applied in
water supply and drainage, air conditioning, fire fighting and agricultural
irrigation for factories, mines and citied.

DN : 32 – 300 mm
Flow rate : 4.5 ~ 1660 m³/hr
Head : 5.2 ~ 150 m
Speed : 1450 rpm, 2900 rpm
Material : Cast iron, Stainless steel
Temp : < 85 ºC