CB/CP Series :

Chemical Liquid Filter

Features & Advantages 1.Chemical liquid circulation filtering, PCB electroplating, chemical, leather, dyeing and finishing, wastewater treatment and other industries. 2.High efficiency, easy to operate and clean 3. The filter body is made by the injection molding of the PP material, which is more durable, resistant to high temperature and acid and alkaline, without leakage 4.Vertical design of the filter material assembly makes the components easily be replaced at any time according to customer requirements 5.Self-priming pump and magnetic pump without shaft seal and others are all optional 6.Unique internal circulation pipes and detection ports effectively stirring the filtering-aid powder and the carbon dust and measuring the average surface pressure and sampling can prevent leakage and ensure the quality of precision filtration 7.Standard accessories: foot valve, flange and flange gasket, PVC screws and SUS screws.